Who am I?

My name’s Zain, and at heart I’m a software engineer, product enthusiast, and a sports fanatic. Throughout my career I’ve worked as a Software Engineer at Google, Instagram, and Yelp. I’m currently the co-founder of Fiix (www.fiix.io), a Y Combinator backed company that sends expert, licensed mechanics to people’s homes to repair their cars.

Why Subscribe?

Every week I discuss what has happened in the tech and startup world. Inspired by Stratechery (www.stratechery.com), I provide thoughts and deep dives into startups in and out of Silicon Valley, such as Lime, Coinbase, Snapchat, and more. I love breaking down what I admire and don’t admire about startups, and I give an honest outlook of the future of the startups.

I also write about different topics and learnings from my own startup, Fiix. For example, how we grew our SEO to 60K+ visitors a month.