My name’s Zain, and at heart I’m a software engineer, product enthusiast, and a professional tennis player. I’m the co-founder at Lazer Technologies where we help amazing companies build and ship incredible products.

Prior to Lazer, I was the the co-founder of Fiix, a Y Combinator backed company that sends expert, licensed mechanics to people’s homes to repair their cars. And prior to that I was a Software Engineer at Google, Instagram, and Yelp.

What’s in this newsletter?

From building many products and from diving deep into many startups (from industries such as Crypto, Fintech, DTC/Shopify, Marketplaces, Consumer, SAAS, and more) I want to share as many learnings and insights to the public rather than keep it siloed inside of my head.

Also, I’ll share learnings from building my own businesses such as Lazer, Fiix, Supercharged SMS…

Some example stories that I’ve already published:

  • How we grew our SEO to 60K+ visitors a month

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  • 14 product lessons from Noom’s online quiz

  • How to structure Firebase notifications in your React Native app

Some example stores that I’m working on:

  • How To Get Involved In Decentralized Finance (DeFi) And Start Earning 15%+ APY From USD

  • Why Fintechs use Golang to build their backend infrastructure

  • How to create a Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain with Solidity

  • Why RuneScape is one of the best games you can play growing up